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Mar 09, 2015

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U.S. Marriage Statistics Suggest Change is Needed
Jan 20, 2013

In this day and age, it is beginning to seem as though quality relationships are becoming harder and harder to... more

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U.S. Marriage Statistics Suggest Change is Needed
Jan 20, 2013

In this day and age, it is beginning to seem as though quality relationships are becoming harder and harder to find.  The good, solid long-term relationship is becoming a sort of "endangered species", being replaced by a chain of short-term relationships that don't work out.

The problem is everywhere.  And everyone seems to fall victim.  Your friends, your co-workers, your family, and worst of all chances are you have had your fair share of relationship problems as well.  Isn't anybody happy anymore?

Well according to the statistics, that's pretty much a "no".

The Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri reports that 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second and 74% of third marriages end in divorce.

The figure for first marriages is staggering to say the least.  To think that a full 50% of persons who are married encounter problems and differences severe enough to cause divorce is almost unbelievable.  And the higher rates of failure in second and third marriages would suggest underlying problems causing the breakups.  If there weren't other issues in play and just simple "differences" and "disagreements" were causing these divorces, one would expect this number to stay 50%.  Rather, these statistics of yet higher divorce rates in second and third marriages would suggest character flaws exist, not just simple differences.

Worst of all, the statistics show that a very large portion of those who are currently married have serious problems.

According to a Self Magazine survey in 2010, among women that described themselves as happy, 49% said they were unhappy with their sex lives.

The National Sleep Foundation reports that about one out of 10 married adults — or 12 percent — say that they typically sleep alone.

A British survey in 2005 spouts that most cheaters – a whopping 60% -- have been in a relationship for at least five years.

With these numbers, it's obvious we are doing something wrong.  Psychologists have speculated for years as to what exactly this is, and though they seem to always give us plenty of gloomy statistics, it seems as though we rarely get answers or solutions.

To the founders of℠, the problem is that we simply don't know our partners as well as we should.  Obviously, the 50% who encounter marriage failure thought they knew their partner - well enough to get married.  These persons have all likely been through a period of dating and engagement, adding up to a quite significant period of time to get to know this person.  So why did these relationships still fail in the end?

Simply put, people are complicated.  And worse still, we have to go into each relationship essentially blind to these complications.  Aside from sitting your new date down for a full interrogation, you have no way of knowing the things you want and need to know.

The founders of℠ believe much of the divorces and unhappiness could be eliminated by simply knowing your partner a little better before jumping into a relationship.  And they have a way for you to do just this!  Their exclusive "Relationship Ability Index℠" Rating System psychologically evaluates site members on their ability to sustain a relationship and then displays this result in a simple format you can see at a glance - all before you decide whether to even talk to the person!

This new method holds much promise to truly change the world of dating as we currently know it.  Give it a try today and do your part to change the world!


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