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Mar 09, 2015

Please help support℠!℠ is a free service run by volunteers.  They created this website in 2012 because they believed... more

U.S. Marriage Statistics Suggest Change is Needed
Jan 20, 2013

In this day and age, it is beginning to seem as though quality relationships are becoming harder and harder to... more

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How We're Safer

    Our match-making platform has also been designed with dating safely in mind. Listed below are just a few of the ways℠ has made dating safer and more secure, therefore empowering you with the confidence it takes to score and retain something meaningful.


  • All potential daters are required to complete a psychological analysis that determines they are in fact not only willing, but also ready and capable of being in a meaningful relationship. Their score is made available to you and is displayed as a percentage from 0 to 100. This helps prevent you from wasting your time with someone who is not really capable and serious. They may even think they are perfectly ready, but the reality may prove different.

  • In addition, persons who are not serious or capable of a long-term relationship can be dangerous to those who are. Someone who is not sufficiently capable by our scoring standards most generally falls into one of two categories. Either they are rarely with another partner due to their lack of ability or the person bounces frequently from person-to-person. In either case, at best you would be wasting your time with someone who is relatively safe but will be unable to retain you for more than a short while, and at worst you could find yourself with the other type who bounces between dozens of partners. Our system helps you avoid these situations.

  • All potential daters are also given an extended mandatory analysis of Basic Compatibility. So once you have determined they are capable, you can then decided whether or not you actually like them and could coexist with them and be happy. The two areas of evaluation persons are exposed to on℠ are quite different. They are first tested on their relationship abilities, and then given an evaluation to determine what type of person may be best for them. We believe both are necessary to give a relationship the best chance of success in the long-term.

  • Addresses and phone numbers are not allowed to be transmitted via our instant message or chat system. Daters are required to acknowledge to the system when they are dating or in a relationship. Only then is contact information released to the other party. This has multiple positive effects listed below.

  • When two℠ users elect to start dating or begin a relationship, the system automatically provides each person the other's contact info we have on file. This process has the effect of helping to prevent someone from remaining essentially anonymous to you even after beginning to date.
  • When a user on℠ enters a state of dating or declares they are in a relationship, all chat functionality with other parties is disabled. This helps to prevent you from finding yourself with a player.

  • Additionally, all conversations and contact information from persons your partner may have previously dated or been in a relationship with are blocked. This helps to prevent the age-old “getting back with an ex” senario.

  • Once a user elects to change their relationship status back to “single”, all chat functionality is restored and all previous messages and contact info are displayed and readily available. Their partner (hopefully previous) is immediately notified of this status change via email.


As you are probably beginning to see, the℠ website's advanced, yet user friendly and amazingly simplistic platform empowers you to date more effectively and confidently. "Date clearly. Date safely. Date2020!"℠

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