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Mar 09, 2015

Please help support℠!℠ is a free service run by volunteers.  They created this website in 2012 because they believed... more

U.S. Marriage Statistics Suggest Change is Needed
Jan 20, 2013

In this day and age, it is beginning to seem as though quality relationships are becoming harder and harder to... more

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About Us

Our Founding Principle:℠ was made for people who are serious about finding a great date that will develop into a meaningful, long-term relationship.  In this spirit, our site's environment promotes a more careful, technical approach to finding a good match.  Let's face it - some people are meant to be together and some definitely are not.  Our site includes a gold mine of easy-to-use features that make the process of finding a truly great partner far easier than competing dating services.  This quick and efficient match-making system ensures that you don't waste your time dating people who are not right for you, while making it easy for you to focus your energy and attention on those who are.  It is our belief that our system, which is far superior to that of even our closest competitors, provides a dating experience that is faster, more accurate, more enjoyable and safer.  Partners you find on our site are sure to be a true match made in heaven, producing far more compatible and long-lasting relationships.℠ saves you time and effort all while providing matches that are more compatible, saving you from the heartache and frustration of false-starts.  Dates with people who you are truly meant for are destined to develop into successful, long-term relationships.  What more could you ask for?


So how do we do it?

The main reason for the creation of this site is the belief by its creator that the overall concept of dating in today's society is outdated and ineffective. It is the 21st century and we are still dating like its 1950. Dinner and a movie. Even using the “on-line dating” systems of competitors essentially only makes it a bit easier to find someone to have dinner and a movie with. You just can't possibly get to know someone like you need to in today's world through dating in conventional ways. This isn't 1950 and the people of today are far from the caliber of previous generations. Today's problems and the normal trials and tribulations created from existing in the world we live in demands the necessity to get to know someone well before jumping in.

Everyone wonders in amazement upon hearing modern statistics that suggest up to 60% of marriages now fail. Our founder believes this shouldn't come as a surprise, rather that it should be expected without changing the way we make our way down the avenue of love. It is believed that most relationships that are ultimately unsuccessful fail because aspects of the lovers' psyche, problem-solving and communication abilities aren't completely understood at the start of a relationship. If these things were known by both parties upfront with a high degree of accuracy, it can be assumed that most of these relationships would never have begun in the first place, therefore avoiding all the heartache, financial distress, and single parents that result from failed relationships.

Our method psychologically evaluates potential daters to first determine if they are in fact “capable” of being in a serious, long-term relationship. This is accomplished by focusing questions posed to the dater in a few “make-or-break” psychological categories. It is believed that if sufficient habits and skills don't exist to a large enough extent in these key areas, that a long-term relationship cannot and will not succeed. This method places you in a pool of potential dates that are “for sure” capable and serious in achieving long-term love. This ensures that when two people meet they are in fact capable of being a couple in the first place, therefore avoiding the false-starts that would otherwise result from individuals dating who would have unknowingly had very little chance of success.

The potential dater is first evaluated with a series of psychologically geared questions.  The answers that are given are then factored in to create a Relationship Ability Index℠ Rating displayed in a range of 0 to 100 percent.  This percentage is in fact the potential dater's ability to sustain a successful, long-term relationship.  The Relationship Ability Index℠ Rating is displayed to other daters on the site and users are also grouped by their score.  Grouping site users by their scores produces the result of pairing the most capable people together.  In the same token, those who are less capable are also paired with like individuals so as to not corrupt the dating pool by creating unsuccessful relationships.  This system is revolutionary in the online dating industry and is currently patent pending.

The Relationship Ability Index℠ Rating is calculated by answers to questions from the following general areas:


  • Ethical Standards
  • Past Decisions
  • Habits
  • Attitude
  • Planning Ability
  • Financial Proficiency (not status)
  • Faithfulness
  • Trust
  • Seriousness
  • Emotional Stability
  • General Health (anything that could affect relationships)
  • Sanity
  • Over-all Intelligence


About Our Founder - A story worth reading

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